As you no doubt have already guessed, the Paperback Trade Inn operates on a trade basis. Most books in the store have a dual pricing structure:  The higher price is the price you pay without a trade, the lower price is what you pay with a trade.  It’s the trades that keep the store running ;-)


Just bring your trades to the counter when you arrive and the friendly and knowledgeable staff will catalog your trades and provide you with a status of your current trade balance.  When you have finished shopping the helpful staff will redeem your trades.


Types of trades:

Current Editions – books under 10 months old- usually new releases

General Trades – books over ten months old

Series Romances are traded for other series Romances

Children’s books are traded for other Children’s books

For various reasons some books have one price, no trade needed



          New releases and advance ordered books are available at a 17% to 30% discount.  If those books are returned within 30 days, you can receive 30% off your next new or advance book purchase.


We reserve the right to refuse some books as trades due to age, condition or content. (We do not accept text books)